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Domus Music is representing as a world wide management some very talented, outstanding Serbian and international artists - composers, musicians, bands, DJs, sound systems... We try to support them in their creations, to develop their artistic opportunities to present themselves on international stages.
We are offering their tour bookings with all logistic services like ground travel, flights, hotel, visa, work permits, technical support and tour guides, working on their promotion with production of divers PR material like posters, fliers, press books, DVDs etc.

Domus Music is an International tour booking and tour production agency based in Novi Sad, Serbia.
Founded in 2009 by Dragan Milanović Toza, Domus Music offers a complete booking service and production co-ordination for live music acts planning to tour the European and American Market.
As an alternative to more broad based tour companies, Domus Music is designed to provide a unique and personal service in the music industry. Utilizing an extensive network of contacts with promoters and venues all over Europe, Domus Music ensures that its clients are given the exposure that best suits each individual artist's needs and musical genre.
Complete tour pre-production, logistical and technical planning, accounting and legal knowledge to provide the artist with the opportunity to make a success of touring Europe, Domus Music, functions to allow the artist to concentrate on what they do best - making music!

Our philosophy is based on three principles:

- Responsibility
We believe it is vital that every member of the team for each project is fully aware (and capable) of their individual responsibilties. To make every venture as successful as it can be Domus Music endeavours to create an environment whereby all parties involved have clear concise guidance and continual access to all information.

- Transparency
By this we mean keeping all guarantees, local promoter costs and production expenses upfront and transparent. As booking agency and production coordinator, Domus Music will ensure that comprehensive financial information and details are at all times available to the artist, management and all relevant parties. Transparency means providing the artist with security and knowledge at every stage on every tour.

- Credibility
Domus Music wishes to only represent artists who they truly believe have something to say, whether lyrically or musically, each in their own individual way. Although broad in definition, the company wishes to be associated with representing creative, critical and challenging music.

It is our aim at Domus Music to create an understanding between all parties involved, so that we can work together and achieve the same goal, a great live concert!

Domus Music

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